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I’m starting a social campaign.  I don’t live in Canada.  I live in the USA.  I gave Microsoft permission to email me.  I don’t buy this bit that it’s due to an Canadian spam email law.


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  1. Gerry W. Fulton says:

    I am Canadian and MSFT Canada has an opt-in for email notifications and includes a daily chance to win a $500 MSFT gift voucher. http://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/sites/stay-connected/emails/2.aspx?eid=4510094296577709429

    Reminds me of the old Red Rose Tea commercials.

    Only in Canada, eh? Pity!

  2. PC.Tech says:

    1 Jul 2014 – “… In an email last night Microsoft said it would resume the mailing list on 3 July.
    ‘On June 27, 2014, Microsoft notified customers that we were suspending Microsoft Security Notifications due to changing governmental policies concerning the issuance of automated electronic messaging. We have reviewed our processes and will resume these security notifications with our monthly Advanced Notification Service on July 3, 2014’…”