And attempting to work on migrating C through Z of the blog content and I gotta say the one drawback of the surface device is the lack of a static work area.  A traditional laptop has a more firm keyboard that one can balance on your laptop, a surface device is much more unstable.

Have any of the readers of this blog that have found  your way to the new blog site that use surface’s for travel, have you had issues whereby the unit works great on a desktop, but if you are sitting in a airport seat,  and trying to use the keyboard with the unit, it flops over?

Maybe I need a stiffer set of muscles in my leg to balance the keyboard on?

Blog migration status:  Images still broken, categories a disaster, still migrating content, sitting in the Las Vegas airport and about to fall asleep waiting for my airplane…..

I’m migrating the site to wordpress and man have I blogged a lot and thus the migration is taking a lot longer.  Bear with me as I get it moved across.

Will be back soon, watch this space.

you are seeing the server on it’s temporary DNS location.

I temporarily moved the IIS part of the web server over to a hosted server in Azure and hopefully my monthly credit allowance will offset the bulk of the fees it will take.  I won’t be moving the SQL data over there as I’d really be paying a high price tag.

But thanks everyone for being patient and let’s hope we get this blog site settled down again.


Somehow I signed up for the Veeam community forum digest which has some really good nuggets lately…

like …

“If you are using HP Proliant DL380 G7’s for your vSphere 5.5 hosts, be aware of this potential PSOD issue and patch your hosts soon with this fix from HP.”

“Here’s a fantastic summary of vSphere 5.5 best practices, including some NetApp specific recommendations. Since it’s not immediately clear – the blog post is actually a table of contents (each recommendation is a link leading to detailed blog post).”