A few months ago I bought a Western Digital Mycloud for home use as it worked better when a Mac Book was in the mix.  Well it did until the latest firmware update to the MyCloud.  In a sign that patching doesn’t go well in any platform, the latest firmware makes a nice happy MyBook go to a draggingly slow thing that you could watch paint dry faster than it copies files across (along with general slowness in access.

It would also drop it’s network connections and you could tell by the thrashing of the drive of the device, something was definitely not right and just  really impacting performance.

There’s a relatively easy post on how to roll back to a prior firmware update – kudos to the folks in the Western Digital forum for posting the info:

Easy method to downgrade to previous version of th… – WD Community:

And now that it’s rolled back, we’re going to disable automatic updates for the time being until Western Digital figures out what’s going on.


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