Real patch pain metrics

On October 21, 2014, in news, by susan

Humor me please?

If you can recall a patch directly causing impact to your systems please email me directly – email (change the -at- to @) with the KB number and what it impacted please?  I would love to put together a list of real patch pain, and not just perceived patch pain.

Fact:  There have been a lot of non security updates that are impacting our patching views.

(I’m looking at you Exchange)

Case in point:
8/26/2014    CU 6 for Exchange 2013

Fact:  There have been a lot of click to run issues impacting our patching views:

6/13/2014    Click to run        Uninstall/reinstall
5/22/2014    Click to run        Activation issues

Fact:  There have been hiccups in Office releases – especially in regards to Outlook:
8/13/2014    Outlook 2013    KB2881011    Replaced with KB2889859

Lord knows KB2919355 has impacted my view of this year.

Off the top of my head these are recent pulled patches:
MS14-045 pulled and rereleased.
KB2949927 pulled

Anytime you see a Kernel update, expect slight turbulence especially in the consumer side.  Kernel updates interact with malware infected machines, pirated machines and antivirus vendors that get a little too much protection efforts.

I see the problem as a bit like the Ebola scare in the USA.  We’re scared because of a lack of communication.

There’s a lack of post release follow up and communication as I see it.  We have no idea how many machines are impacted, we just see the social echo of headlines and twitter feeds.

I am concerned that it seems like it’s taking longer to get investigations done.

We’re a week after release date and I still haven’t a clue why KB3000061 is failing, if the RDP patch is going to get a fix or if the fix should be expected from the vendors or what.

While security patches have a known issue section, other patches need a “we’re investigating” section with follow up.

So?  Can you help me out with a feel on REAL patch pain versus perceived patch pain?  I don’t want to know “I heard about an issue on a random blog/twitter account that someone was impacted”… I want to know exactly what patch gave you pain.


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  1. Crysta T Lacey says:

    Hi Susan,

    I am not sure, if I qualify to respond on the [patchmangement] list since I operate my PC as Client Workstation and not in the Server IT World. I was in IT before we called it “IT”, using “Dumb Terminals” and PDP8, 10 or 12,s handling remote printers, punch cards, and keytape projects connected to an IBM 360 or 370s running HASP, ASP, or VM. Then disability took me out of the work force for over 30 years untill current. For the last 5 years I have been teaching myself current day computing.

    In August with all of the patching problem that you were fielding in the MS Community Forums you mentioned the [patchmanagement] List which I immeadiately signed up on and have learned allot more about Windows. i am also an avid reader of your Windows Secrets Column and call you the “Patch Lady” with great reverence and respect!!! Thank You your for tireless contrabutions and bring some sanity to the World of Computing and IT as I have told you before.

    Now, the .NET Patches certianly have gotten allot more sane since the expiration of XP(which I never knew), but since June’s Patch Tuesday I have a Couple of days of “.NET Runtime” Event errors from v 2.0 to 4.x.n(I am currently on v 4.5.2) and then they stop. I have seen other things cleanup like that as well ,over the years, after several Restarts and a few Shutdowns so I am attributing this to that. I’d guess it is taking a couple of days to get the .NET registry entries straightened out???? I have the Event logs in a seperate tracking folder, if you want me to export them?

    This past month (with Oct’s and only Sept’s) .NET patches, AMD’s newly released CCC package 14.9, threw “Mantle” .NET Runtime Event erros specific to AMD. I noticed that they released 14.9.1 Beta awfully quick, so I went to that version, and that cleaned that specific problem up immediately.

    Since I have been moving along with MS’s cutting edge I have usually need to run AMD ATI’s Beatas so this is not unusual for me. I now have 4 OS partitions, but only 3 occupied, evenly spread across 2, 2 TB HDD with W 8.1.2 Pro on them. It was better Admin Tools, specificly DISM and SFC which took me off of W 7 SP ! Pro. Since leaving W 7, Patching has been a DREAM in comparission. Even though I see others having various problems, I have not experienced that since(not including) W 8.1.0 Tech Preview. FIGURES CROSSED!!!

    I hope this helps a little, Patch LADY, 😀

    Best Regards,