Microsoft support cases for ITpros now $499

On December 2, 2014, in news, by susan

So apparently on 12/1 the price for the IT pro support cases increased from $249 to $499.

Wow.  Mind you this is not after hours support, this is the price for a support case.

Microsoft Professional Support

Professional Support provides you with access to Microsoft experts, to help you address problems encountered with the development, deployment and management of Microsoft software in business environments.

Professional Support is available as a single “pay-per-incident” (PPI) or an annual contract with five incidents. Professional Support incidents focus on troubleshooting a specific problem, error message, or functionality that is not working as intended for Microsoft products. An incident is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort to resolve it. Incidents may be submitted online or over the phone. Response time will be between 2 and 8 hours, depending on severity of incident.

Professional Support
Single Incident
$499 USD for
one incident
Professional Support
5-Pack Annual
Support Contract
$1,999 USD for
five incidents

4 Responses to Microsoft support cases for ITpros now $499

  1. David Burkhart says:

    Do you happen to know HOW to purchase a Professional Support 5-Pack Annual Support Contract? I can’t find this information anywhere! Any help would be appreciated!


  2. Caleb says:

    What is Microsoft thinking? I can’t be the only one that thinks this pricing is exorbitant.

  3. Tim says:

    I’m not surprised that they increased the price, but double is hard to swallow.

    Considering you are getting a tech that would bill for say $125/hr, the $249 price was not sustainable for Microsoft. Hard for SMB folks to justify using them after that jump.

  4. gosh says:

    I used to work for microsoft supporting windows 95/98/xp. I would talk to the stupidest people. I once talked to a reseller, who charged people $100 to fix their pc’s, when all he did was run norton utilities. If there were any problems he would call the real techs – me. So he would charge someone $100, then pay us $35, and he would still come out ahead.

    I dont have any sympathy for people who make a living in IT, who constantly call Microsoft. It’s your job to resolve issues. I am sure if you call Microsoft and the issue is a bug, they would refund the $499. The price is mainly to force people to think and fix their own problems, rather than being lazy and calling someone else. We all need to be responsible for our actions instead of calling a 800 number to have someone bail us out.