Tracking the post release issues

On December 13, 2014, in news, by susan

This has not been a good week in patching and updating.

The biggest patching mess was KB3004394 that was a root certificate update that had such odd side effects ranging from causing machines to fail WGA to applications not launching.   While Microsoft released an update to remove KB3004394 but I’m still scratching my head how this update got released in the first place.

Bulletin or KB KB numbers Post release issues
MS14-075 KB 3009712 Yes – Exchange 2010 sp3 update rollup 8 rereleased   – see
MS14-080 KB 3008923 IE9 and IE 11 crashing issues reported – see and
MS14-081 Word/Office/SharePoint, etc: 2910916 2899518 2899519 2920793 3018888 2920729 2920792 2883050 2899581 2889851 2910892
MS14-082 2726958 (2013), 2596927 (2007), 2553154 (2010) Yes, see
MS14-083 2920790 Offcompat, 2910929 (2013),  2910902 (2010),  2984942 (2013)
MS14-084 3012176 (VB 5.8), 3012172 (VB 5.7), 3012168 (VB5.6)
MS14-085 KB3013126
n.a. KB3004394 Yes – Patches for Windows 7 and Server 2008 have been pulled see
n.a. KB3011970 Yes – Appears to have been pulled from servers –
n.a. October public non security releases for Office See

4 Responses to Tracking the post release issues

  1. Crysta T Lacey says:

    Hi Susan,

    I can add some to KB3008923 on W 8.1.3 Pro, IE 11. I don’t use IE 11(Opera) but I do use MS Baseline Security Anylizer which appears to use IE modules??? The Detailed Report pane breaks with KB 3008923 installed. Uninstalling it rectifies the problem.

    I reported it in the Technet Community on the W 8.1 IT Pro forum(on my tablet, sorry no link) under the KB# last night. I will add it to the MS Community thread when I get on the desktop. I will also check it on my W 10 partition as well.

    You will see me as my name or:

    Phantom of the Mobile,

    in case your interested. Icon is always a gold head.

    Best Regards,


    • Crysta T Lacey says:

      Hi Susan,

      Just a quick update on W 10.0 TP IE 11. MS BSA does NOT have the problem with the Cumulative Update, in W 10 it is KB 3008925.

      However FYI, I seem to have picked up a small problem from one of the Patches affecting my Print Services, throwing Events but not WERR’s at startup. It fails to start twice but does start the third time. I only print PDF’s to disk using Nitro and that works fine.

      FYI I have NOT installed:

      My Workstation is Multiboot with, 1 Production W 8.1.3 Pro, up to date to Nov(very minimal Dec), 1 Test, W 8.1.3 Pro about 3/4 Patched to Dec, W 10.0 9879 TP fully Patched to Dec, 1 empty OS Partition, running strictly client without Office. I use LibreOffice.
      I have Uninstalled Silverlight for now on my Test Part(I only use it occasionally with MS Learning and Streaming content) and my Production missed the Patch before it was pulled.

      So many people rely on your solutions and advise it must be a great burden and stressful in such a crazy Patch Year. I hear many great full and respectful comments and so am I.

      Take care of yourself and your sanity, Susan!!! We need you badly, the World needs you even more. I hope you can relax and get a GOOD REST this holiday season and enjoy your family!!!

      Until next year, Susan,

      MERRY, MERRY Christmas and have a Very HAPPY New Year,


    • Crysta T Lacey says:

      KB3025390 solved this for me. 😀


  2. Pete P says:

    Agh! Uninstalling KB3009712 (Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3) prompts for the Exchange Server 2010 SP3 media. On my most troublesome Exchange 2010 server with the connection issue I installed KB2986475 (Update Rollup 8 for Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 v2) without uninstalling KB3009712 as you’re supposed to do. So far its working and users are connecting.