GoDaddy and SBS

On April 27, 2015, in news, by susan

Changes to Microsoft SBS and GoDaddy Integration | GoDaddy Help | GoDaddy Support:

What won’t change – the is not going away.

But it does bring up the concern I have of combining premises items with things you don’t control in the cloud.  When their business model changes, they change.

So be aware if this impacts anyone.


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  1. chad vetsch says:

    i’m trying to use the “contact me” option and it’s stating that the message isn’t sent and to contact the administrator by another means.

  2. chad vetsch says:

    I have a question about an issue i’m having during a migration of SBS2011 to new hardware…your time and expertise would be appreciated. thanks.

  3. I installed GoDaddyDNSUpdate which is the SVC that replaced the former dynamicDNSUpdate.

    As of 08:00 AM EST yesterday dynamic IP updates to godaddy were refused.
    SBS Console Log will display “Unable to communicate successfully with provider service when performing getting public IP using service at”

    When Installing the godaddy app Pay particular attention to the Domain and subdomain text boxes. Domain must be XXXXX.COM (case sensitive) and the A record [sub domain] must be “remote”

    If not configured correctly , and event with description ” No GoDaddy IP Data”
    will be written