Just a heads up about the Thecus unit

On April 27, 2015, in news, by susan

A heads up:



Just a warning for anyone buying Thecus units and apparently Thecus units from Newegg.

Once you receive one ensure that there is an icon on the desktop for ORBWEB and then also try to activate it.

If it fails to activate it, decide if you want to ship it back or  install the newer ISO from their web site.

There is clearly a bug in some of these builds that causes the unit to  fail to activate and also fail to install the client restore and  apparently also per the review from newegg cannot setup the client backup.

After banging my head on this for a few days, thinking it was something that I might be doing wrong, I reinstalled the Server with the ISO from the Thecus web site. The rebuilt unit finally worked as expected.

I would strongly recommend that folks reinstall from the ISO to your Thecus units before deploying them.  If there isn’t an ORBWEB icon on the desktop you have the original build which has major problems.  Another quick and dirty test is to see if the unit activates.  If it does not activate, either send it back or reinstall the operating system using the ISO from the web site.

If you are looking for a client backup server (like I was) in order to ensure you have cryptolocker defenses in place, this was supposed to be a nice easy solution.  However given that I’ve hit this issue and another poster on the newegg site hit it as well, obviously there’s a problem out there with the build that got shipped out.

I’m just surprised that these got released in this condition.  Actually I’m not surprised to be frank about it.  I’m disappointed that these got released in this condition.


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