Just sync’d up on WSUS

On August 4, 2015, in news, by susan

Is the July 29th cumulative update for Windows 10.  This includes several security fixes as well as non security fixes.

This is the new style of update – it’s a cumulative update, not individual patches.


And hang loose for a blog post on how to add group policy templates for 8/8.1 as we’re still waiting for the official ADMX files for Windows 10 as well as the RSAT tools.



One Response to Just sync’d up on WSUS

  1. Blimming heck – it’s 300MB already! Anyone care to guess how big the July 2016 cumulative update will be?

    On the plus side, my WSUS server really struggles with the number of updates in the database. I guess this will help in that regards.