I will be first in line to beat up Microsoft when I think they’ve done something stupid.  Case in point not making it dead easy to say no to the Windows 10 update when you don’t want it.  But the tech media lately is getting ridiculous to the point of insanity in making a connection between one action and another.  Case in point is the headlines and stories regarding an Bitlocker update, an Asus bios setting that should never been set in the first place and a Windows 7 patch.

To claim that Microsoft is purposely breaking Windows 7 to force people to Windows 10…. please.  This is an optional non security update, the impact is not widespread at all, and to lay blame on Microsoft, when it was a bios setting decision set by Asus, it’s just a sad state of affairs of tech journalism when headlines are twisted this much.



4 Responses to No, this isn’t a plot to get people to Windows 10

  1. Rob says:

    I disagree. This is the second time in 3 months that the windows 7 update engine has broken. I have used MS since win 95 and up till 4 months ago I cannot remember a time it could take 7 or 10 hrs to find updates. I have done hundreds and hundreds of OS installs during my time as a system admin and never had this happen. Set up 4 or 5 pc’s of different brands some with fresh installs others just trying to get updates and they all fail. Its not a coincidence this all started 4 or 5 months ago with no fix released as soon as they know. Instead they make you jump thru 20 different checks (none that fix anything). They are purposely screwing with win 7 users. At least with the pro versions for business but Im sure all of them. All they care about now is win 10 and nothing else. They are also stopping sync ability by end june for live essentials mail 2012 telling you to use an office 365 free year with outlook 2016. Forcing forcing forcing. I never ever have update issues with linux.

  2. susan says:

    Read what the article is about. This isn’t about the length of time it’s taking to scan for updates or to set up a new machine, this is a claim that Microsoft is purposely building a patch to break certain Asus computers.

    The underlying problem here is that Windows is a flawed platform with LOTS of updates and over time the supercedence is causing this slowdown. If you think that there are people at Microsoft purposely and intentionally breaking Windows 7 then you shouldn’t trust the operating system period and shouldn’t be running it.

  3. Well, I dunno. Realistically speaking, the problem with Windows 7 updates is that there should have been a service pack 2 long ago, but MS didn’t want to spend the money.

    I quite agree that they’re not “purposely and intentionally breaking Windows 7” but this was a predictable risk that they could have addressed and didn’t.

  4. R. Dyer says:

    “I will be first in line to beat up Microsoft when I think they’ve done something stupid.”

    DING! =>

    You go, girl!