In place in the 10 era

On June 6, 2016, in news, by susan

You know when you type something and mean something but it’s not what you meant?

Enterprise now allows you to do an change in version like this:

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 Enterprise (Without Reinstalling Windows)


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  1. Crysta T Lacey says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for this reminder, as I did see this article in his Email Newsletter in April.

    The problem I have with this is of course is Activation, they can withdraw those keys at any time just like they have done, in the Insiders program several times. MS publishes about this off and on in their Enterprise Insights Newsletter, but I have no way to buy it at a reasonable price. I am not going to spend hundreds of dollars for these features that I probably will turn down or not activate because they maybe unreasonably intrusive on my computing life. On the surface they look great BUT……

    I’d guess that is why they keep them “Enterprise”, it owns the computers not the people. I have also seen your explanation on becoming a volume customer but again the problem is I keep MS’s footprint as small as possible in my life. I believe they have also changed that counter to your access strategy, or am I wrong about that?

    I look at the “Permissions” increased intrusion since W 8, that can make it devilishly difficult to do somethings. I stopped using MalwareBytes in part because of this issue. Of Course it is not only them that are getting the security squeeze by MS, NOW. As far as MS is concerned Security is an MS product or an MS product!!! This doesn’t really bother me in the least because I don’t want the hassle of a 3rd party product anyway. I know that now they supposedly allow for 2 AV products to run simultaneously??? UH HUH???

    Best Regards,