Windows 10 trick for updates

On July 17, 2016, in news, by susan

In the zeal to get windows updating… or rather rebooting … more palatable I think Microsoft swung a little too far away from notifications.  I’m running 1511 and so many times odd things start occurring and I realize that updates have been installed, but the system hasn’t been rebooted.

I personally feel that you need to reboot after installing updates so I’m going to run this Windows 10 testbed that I have here with the “metered” connection trick.  Lifehacker has blogged this long ago trick where you make the network connection think it’s on a metered connection which then holds back the patches.  Windows 10 has no “download but do not install” in the gui.

I know when windows updates come out, but I don’t like the side effects one gets when updates have been installed and the system hasn’t yet been rebooted.


One Response to Windows 10 trick for updates

  1. Tim T says:

    ‘Configure automatic updating’ as ‘disabled’ with local group policy or domain group policy turns Windows 10 update into manual check mode for updates.