Tilting at windmills again

On August 3, 2016, in news, by susan


If you look at that list it pretty much makes it that group policy doesn’t allow you to block consumerish apps or to customize the start menu.

And be aware that if you go in the group policy some of these aren’t documented inside the group policy editor or listed as needing a certain version in the spreadsheet.

Yes, this change.org is tilting at windmills, but one should at least try.



2 Responses to Tilting at windmills again

  1. Daniel says:

    I wonder that there is not yet a class action lawsuit filed against Microsoft for removing functionality from a paid product. It’s like buying a car and later being forced to return the wheels only to buy them back for $400 each.

    No need to mention that I signed your petition. (Mentioned it anway :P)

  2. Samuel Svarc says:

    Signed your petition as well. It’s disgusting that they would actually steal from their customers. Removing a feature that the customer had already purchased is morally wrong, even if (perhaps) technically legal. Thievery.