The R2 problem is being investigated at this time – will keep you posted

Issues seen with:

Essentials R2:

I think the old connector isn’t being uninstalled and we’re getting two connectors installed.  I think.  Under investigation.

Bottom line the symptom if it was installed before, you went through the AU release, the connector is lost.  You go to reinstall the connector and it won’t find the server.

See the resolution here:

Windows 10 anniversary update and Essentials R2

SBS 2008:

RWW doesn’t work.  The error points to a mismatch in RDP protocol.  In the past the only way I’ve seen to fix that is to roll back a RDP update which obviously we can’t do in Windows 10.

Bypassing RWW with Rdgateway works.  Given that SBS 2008 is no longer under a support window….

Bottom line use the bypass until we can figure out a workaround.


SBS 2011 Standard

RWA still works


SBS 2011 Essentials:

No reports yet


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