Windows 10 anniversary update and Essentials R2

On August 11, 2016, in news, by susan

Steps to take (assuming you haven’t upgraded to Anniversary edition yet)

Step one on your Essentials R2 machine:  Ensure installed.  It’s the July non security update rollup.

On your clients, uninstall the OLD connector (it will be listed as a windows update) and then go to http://servername/connect and manually reinstall/reconnect your workstations to the server.  This will install the NEW connector as a program not as an update.

Install the anniversary update.  You may (you will) find that the newly revised connector appears to be gone.  It really isn’t it’s just an issue with the notification area cache.  Thanks to Mike (The Office Maven) we have a fix:

EssentialsTrayApp.exe doesn’t work after KB3172614:

Hi All,

Apparently the “Notification Area Icons” cache becomes (somewhat???) corrupted when installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607), and this in turn is causing EssentialsTrayApp.exe to error out when it attempts to reset the Essentials notification area icon (as is indicated by the errors that are shown in the EssentialsTrayApp.<SID>.log file).

In order to correct the issue, you simply need to reset the Notification Area Icons cache for each user who is missing the Essentials notification area icon on their Windows 10 client computer. I have tested this on three separate Windows 10 client computers (Pro and Home), and it has corrected the problem on all of them.

To reset the Notification Area Icon cache, simply download the “Reset_Notification_Area_Icons_Cache.bat” file from the following web page (props go out to Shawn Brink and the Windows Ten Fourms for their excellent tutorial!):

How to Reset Notification Area Icons in Windows 10

After the client computer has restarted, you will find the Essentials notification area icon has returned to the notification area of your Windows 10 client computer.

I hope this helps everyone out that is currently experiencing the problem on their Windows 10 client computers.

— MIKE (The Office Maven)

Now here’s step two:


Hi All,

While you’re at it you might also want to fix the “Alert Evaluations” task in the Task Scheduler as it is also messed up by the new client connector that gets installed by KB3172614.

To do so, open the Task Scheduler (on the client computer), and go to:

Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> Windows Server Essentials

Double-click on the “Alert Evaluations” task and click on the “Actions” tab in the Properties window that appears.

Double-click on the “Start a program” action and change the “Program/script” value to:

C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\RunTask.exe

And change the “Add arguments (optional)” value to:

/asm:”C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\AlertFramework.dll” /class:Microsoft.WindowsServerSolutions.NetworkHealth.AlertFramework.HealthScheduledTask /method:EvaluateAlertsByTriggerTaskAction /task:”Alert Evaluations”

NOTE: Adjujst the location of your client computer’s “C:\Program Files” folder as required (for locals other than English, etc.).

Click OK, answer Yes to the confirmation message that appears, and then click OK again to close the Properties window.

After that, you can manually run the task to make sure that it now works properly (note that you may need to hit Refresh in order to see the updated run result).

— MIKE (The Office Maven)

Susan note:  I realize that all of this is extremely confusing and requires way too many manual steps.  I too wish that Microsoft could release an update that didn’t require a manual uninstall and reinstall.  I find this discouraging (to say the least).


3 Responses to Windows 10 anniversary update and Essentials R2

  1. Ian says:

    What are the steps to take if the anniversary update has already been installed?

  2. abbodi86 says:

    New Windows Server Essentials Connector is released:

    the description is not yet updated, but the two the .msi files are the ones for Server 2016
    it’s for all OS (Win7/8/8.1/10)