De-consumerizing Windows 10 Pro

On January 9, 2017, in news, by susan

So here’s many of the scripts and links I’ve accumulated and used to “de-consumerize” Windows 10 at the office:

Removing the unwanted apps in Windows 10

Step one:

Download this zip file taken from this blog site.

Extract the file, launch PowerShell.

Enter the following command:

PowerShell.exe –ExecutionPolicy Bypass –File .\removeapps.ps1

 While I can’t turn off the consumer experience via group policy in windows 10 — what I can do is shoot out this same info to the local group policy or registry and doing so removes the other remaining inbox apps and stops the “Microsoft recommends” consumer apps  –

More ideas here:  Windows 10 Decrapifier – Script Center – Spiceworks:


I then uninstall one drive

Disable or Uninstall OneDrive Completely in Windows 10 – Tech Journey:

 Once I do all of this, the system should retain these settings when the next Creator’s update gets released.



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