RWA on Essentials 2016 only working for a short time?

On February 28, 2017, in news, by susan

As noted in these threads…..

There’s a workaround to use until such time as the final fix is deployed.


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Hi All,

This issue might occur when you have O365/AAD enabled on the server. The product team is investigating it, in the mean time, the following workaround might help mitigate this issue:

1. On the server, go to folder %programfiles%\Windows Server\Bin\FeatureDefinitions\Microsoft PwdSync\

2. Make a copy of file Definition.xml for backup

3. Edit the original Definition.xml (if you don’t have permission, copy the file out, edit it and put it back in the folder):

Comment out the following two sections:


<HealthDefinition Name=”PasswordSyncInvalidPassword”


<HealthDefinition Name=”PasswordSyncOtherFailure”             …



4. Restart WseEmailSvc windows service.

Please let me know whether it helps nor not.




One Response to RWA on Essentials 2016 only working for a short time?

  1. Peter Perry says:

    Works great. Been using the workaround since posted in the other threads. Even the dashboard opens fast now too.