Starting to move to 1703

On June 25, 2017, in news, by susan

At the office I recently purchased two Windows 10 machines and they both came with 1703.  While the rest in the fleet are on 1607, I’m glad that this is pushing me to ensure that we’re ready for 1703.  There are some side effects I’m tracking that I’m hoping are fixed soon (see my known issues post) but so far I’m not finding major show stoppers like the new file folder/indexing bug we hit with 1607.

Coming up in the NEXT major release, Microsoft is removing SMBv1 (see this link)  on clean install versions to proactively prevent more ransomware issues like the recent ones that infected machines using SMBv1 vulnerabilities.

It probably is wise now to start an investigation into your clients networks on how much they depend on SMBv1.  It won’t disable smbv1 on existing updated machines, but will on clean/new installed Windows 10 in the future.



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