Getting 1703 on systems – another way

On July 17, 2017, in news, by susan

Next way to get 1703 on systems – again go back to that download page and use the download tool to make the iso/media.  Park the iso on a network share and expand it out.

Next use the command switches noted in this blog post –

Specifically you want to ensure that you do not trigger a clean install but an upgrade.


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  1. We’re just getting started with our upgrade/rollout plan. Do you still recommend downloading the ISO and deploying that way? We’re a Kaseya shop and the legacy Patch Management module doesn’t support rolling these out, but their new “Software Management” module that handles MS updates/patches as well as 3rd party updates supposedly does. I haven’t dug into that much yet. Also, how has your rollout gone? Any major gotcha’s or things to be aware of? Anything new to add to this last post on recommended ways to get this upgrade done and how to maintain an ongoing rollout strategy?

    Thanks Susan! I work with Mark Hicks, you may remember Mark Hicks from SMB Nation events or other. 🙂