Are we in a “serverless” environment?

On August 7, 2017, in news, by susan

Microsoft is positioning that small businesses are in a serverless world.  Put data in onenote, have hosted email and that will work for some businesses.  But not all.  I don’t think we’re quite there for all small businesses.  Cloud based applications still need some time and age to mature to match premises software.  Hosted solutions are really not “serverless”, the server is just located in another geographic location.

But what I do know that right now buying the small business licensing is still messy.

I’ve attempted to buy Windows 10 E5 subscription from CDW and pretty much failed in the process.  It took Amy Babinchak and her techdata contacts before I was successful in purchasing the low numbers I wanted to purchase.

This points out a key requirement in the current world – having good vendor relationships and finding ways to get your clients the licenses they need.

Do you have a “goto” vendor?


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