1709 side effects (at this time)

On October 18, 2017, in news, by susan

Just a heads up, installing Windows 10 1709 fall release causes the classic rdp/rdgateway application to constantly crash.  This impacts RWW/RWA on SBS and Essentials.  As a workaround you can use the RDP app from the Windows store, however it doesn’t remote print.

So once again a strong… hold off on installing the fall release … until we get some of these early bugs worked out.

Temp disable remote printing as a workaround 


One Response to 1709 side effects (at this time)

  1. Dirk-Thomas Brown says:

    Hmm, Updated a Win 10 1703 to 1709 and did a clean install on another system. Wanted to see if we run into Server Essentials client connector issues again! Well indeed we do!

    Upgraded system and clean system install client connector fails on Server Essentials 2012r2.. the old grayed out avatar with cannot connect to “your server name” I did the same on a Server Essentials 2016 network and the client connector works per design.

    Hope MS is aware and/or someone has a work-around… BTW> Yes tried the uninstall and reinstall.. no dice