1803 and issues with Essentials

On May 2, 2018, in Essentials, by susan




1. When upgrading/updating Windows, the Connector sometimes loses its connection to the server and needs to have ClientDeploy run to get it reconnected. This happened with the update to 17115.

[Solution:  reboot at least three times and that should reconnect back up]

2. ClientDeploy fails on Windows 10 1803 (certainly on the versions I’ve specifically tested) when Anywhere Access VPN connection is enabled. This is a more major issue, and a potential blocker for people who will want to upgrade to 1803.”

It appears 1803 feature update won’t work if VPN is setup in the server.  No workaround at this time other than to disable VPN and then reenable it.

Hang loose while we get Microsoft to fix.


3 Responses to 1803 and issues with Essentials

  1. David Kyle says:

    Lost the connector altogether on several systems after the 1803 update and subsequent connector re installation attempts failed. Reapplying Windows10.0-KB2790621-x64 on Windows 10 Version 1803 allows the Server Essentials Connector to successfully install.

  2. Denis says:

    Hello all,

    The problem seems to be solved with KB4103721 for Win10 1803.


    Install it on Win 10 prior to run the Essentials connector.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Pierre says:

    still not working here