Partner support forums shut down

On August 10, 2018, in Rants, by susan

So I recently logged into the customer support forum venue that is … or rather was… set up for Microsoft partners and saw this:

This Partner Support Community will retire on 30th August 2018

In order to improve the partner community experience, we are streamlining our existing forums to ensure you engage with the most suitable community and to get answers to your questions. From 30th June 2018, members will no longer be able to post questions and content in this Partner Support Community however all the current content will remain accessible until 30th August 2018. After this date, this community will be retired, and partners can go to TechNet for technical product support and to the Microsoft Partner Community for partnership and membership topics.

Lovely.  Fellow partners have indicated some success with the Partner yammer venue.  Others recommend going back to the distributor as they often have better support channels.  What are you using for Microsoft support these days?  (well besides  …)



One Response to Partner support forums shut down

  1. David Moen says:

    Remember when being a Microsoft Partner made you feel like you were special? 🙂