Users/Consultants stated that when they went to run the RWA wizard that the domain service couldn’t be reached and that dynamic dns can’t be updated and that the Microsoft cloud authentication did not succeed because the Microsoft Cloud integration service cannot authenticate with Microsoft cloud.

Solution to this has been found for my Consultant friends in Toronto…  (Hat tip to Cal for these excellent fix ups)
Windows Server Essentials 2016.
Windows Server Essentials 2012R2
It involves a registry edit/reboot on the server to ensure TLS 1.2 is used as I understand it.
From one successful Consultant…
” After the reboot, I believe I hit the “Repair…” button under “Anywhere Access” and it completed. When I refreshed the Health Monitoring, the DDNS error went away.”
The attached TXT file needs to be renamed to .reg and run. Also attached is a PowerShell version that needs to be renamed as well. There is an addition for 2012 non-R2.
Administrator level required. I attach the files only because of the fickleness of the Internet to remember where to find things when you need them most.
I would STRONGLY suggest you actively review the info below and backup the registry or relevant portion at least prior to running the fix.
I found the following articles while doing a search…
This article (once translated from German: thanks EDGE!) better explains the why/when of it all…
and has the source for the files attached
This one has some trouble-shooting tips…

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