Comments Disabled

I’ve temporarily disabled comments until I can get a verification system in to deal with the blog spam Share this post: email it! | digg it! | bookmark it! | live it!

Site Move/Upgrade

I decided to get a box, actually a virtual server over at I’m in the process of getting that all squared away and working, and then I’m going to swing this site over, and hopefully in the process upgrade the blog software and get rid of all the spam on here. My method of getting rid of spam includes all the comments, unfortunately. I can’t efficiently or reliably pick 100 good rows out of 20000 table rows. I think the new version of this blog software actually includes a comment spam reduction widget, and if not, I’m going to home … Continue reading Site Move/Upgrade

How to Mass Set User Logon Hours

I just had the pleasure of figuring out how to mass clear the logon hours attribute on a couple hundred users since one of my 650 OU admins took the liberty of setting them (by hand presumably). Given he didn’t bother to se the force logout option in AD, this led to a real nice load of kerb errors/traffic at the local DC. You can follow this procedure to set the logonhours to anything you want – the value I use sets them to 24/7. There are two tools for this job, both Joeware ( Grab adfind and admod and … Continue reading How to Mass Set User Logon Hours