How to implement Windows Forms Based Authentication in ASP.Net

This is an updated version of an article I wrote in March 2003 for ASPAlliance. I corrected some minor errors and updated the code samples a bit. C# and VB.Net samples are both attached at the bottom of the page. Introduction The Windows authentication prompt can often be an intimidating dialog for users. It asks for two or three things: username, password, and sometimes domain. Users may (and should) know their network username and password combination, but how many of them know the name of the domain their account is kept on? To make matters more complex, depending on the … Continue reading How to implement Windows Forms Based Authentication in ASP.Net

Posting from Windows Live Writer

One of my MCS friends, Jeff Rosen has been hinting that there was some new toy coming down the pipe. He emailed me tonight with it, so I’m trying it out. The tool has a preset for Community Server, but it still didn’t work out of the box. One of the behaviors I’ve always noticed is that when I goto, it automatically redirects to I put in as the path to my blog and the tool failed with this error:   —————————Error Connecting to Weblog—————————An error occured while attempting to connect to your weblog: Invalid Server Response – The … Continue reading Posting from Windows Live Writer

Nagios NSClient Agent Rollout Script

I'm a big fan of Nagios as a monitoring solution in environemnts large and small. The price can't be beat and the community around it is pretty good too. I have a zip attached to this post which contains a script I wrote to deploy the nsclient agent to a list of hosts specified in a text file. The script requires two utilities from the Sysinternals PSTools package. There are two empty files in the zip named psexec.exe.goeshere and psservice.exe.goeshere. You should delete these and replace them with psexec and psservice from the Sysinternals site. There is also a folder called DeployFolder in the … Continue reading Nagios NSClient Agent Rollout Script

Hard Disk & Partition Copying with Acronis Disk Director

I bought a new 300GB SATA disk to replace my existing 40GB disk which was at capacity. I’m admittedly somewhat clueless when it comes to basic PC hardware stuff. I deal with servers all day long and that skillset doesn’t map well to my desktop PC (or anyone else that wants to ask me my opinion on whether they need more memory and what kind). When it comes time for any sort of upgrade other than just buying a new PC I’m usually bugging my friends on IM on what brands, speeds, bus types, etc I need since it’s all … Continue reading Hard Disk & Partition Copying with Acronis Disk Director