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One of my MCS friends, Jeff Rosen has been hinting that there was some new toy coming down the pipe. He emailed me tonight with it, so I’m trying it out. The tool has a preset for Community Server, but it still didn’t work out of the box. One of the behaviors I’ve always noticed is that when I goto, it automatically redirects to I put in as the path to my blog and the tool failed with this error:


Error Connecting to Weblog
An error occured while attempting to connect to your weblog:

Invalid Server Response – The response to the blogger.getUsersBlogs method received from the weblog server was invalid.

You must correct this error before proceeding.

I took a couple traces in Ethereal and everything looked good – Windows Live Writer is chasing the referrals. I changed the URL to the MetaBlog API to be and it started working.


This seems really slick, and I’m going to play with the image posting feature tomorrow, but it’s 0245 and I’ve got to goto work in the morning.

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