Cisco Output Interpreter Tool

Cisco has a very cool tool which they call the output interpreter (requires CCO login). I haven’t used it in a while, but when I went to use it the other day, I discovered that it has been significantly improved since my last visit. It now links every single command in the device’s configuration to the relevant documentation, as well as provides security recommendations and numerous other useful pieces of information depending on what you give it. Giving it the output of sh tech (aka show tech-support) includes just about everything about the switch/router/etc, so that’s definitely the way to get the most out of the tool.

A tip about the show tech output, it will be very lengthy (and will overflow your terminal emulator’s buffer I’m sure). SecureCRT has an option called Log Session under the file menu which will save everything off to a text file. Some IOS versions also have the ability to pipe the output to redirect and save it to a TFTP server (or several other options). To use this, do a show tech-support | redirect tftp:// You can just drop a question mark after the redirect keyword for a list of options.

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