Installing MOM 2005 on SQL 2005 x64

Microsoft claims that MOM 2005 with SP1 supports installing to SQL 2005. This is actually true, however none of these articles make reference to the fact that the tools on the MOM CD (either momcreatedb.exe or the setup wizard) will correctly create the database if run on x64 Windows. The tools will both claim that no SQL instances can be found and fail. There is a hotfix available ( which includes an x64 copy of momcreatedb.exe. A quick call to PSS and the call router can get you the hotfix. Note that this doesn’t fix the mom setup wizard, you … Continue reading Installing MOM 2005 on SQL 2005 x64

Exchange System Manager Public Folder Errors

I was working on a customer’s Exchange server today when I got presented with a weird error in Exchange System Manager (ESM) while trying ot do some work on their public folder hierarchy. I was first getting this error: —————————Exchange System Manager————————— The operation failed because of an HTTP error 501 (Not implemented). Verify that the ExAdmin virtual root exists on the destination server. ID no: c1030af7 Exchange System Manager —————————OK————————— I traced this down to someone having applied IP address level restrictions to the various Exchange virtual directories (including exadmin and public) which prohibited me from connecting with ESM … Continue reading Exchange System Manager Public Folder Errors