Very Cool Outlook Addin

A few months ago I came across this shareware utility called Anagram. It’s a plug-in for Outlook that parses textual contact and appointment information into a new contact or appointment object. I really only use it for contacts, but the basic scenario is take the common email signature tons of people have with their name, email, phone number, address, etc at the bottom of every email. Out of the box if you want to convert that to a new Outlook contact, you create a new contact and then you copy and paste each field one at a time. With Anagram, you select the signature and press F12 and a new Outlook contact window pops up pre-populated. The text can be in anything – a webpage, text file, an email, etc. It’s just a little app that runs in your tray.

I’m not one to buy shareware very often, but this was one of the better uses of $30 in a while in my opinion. Check it out    

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