Script to Collect Basic Inventory Data From Machines

This is another useful script I sometimes use when I need to collect some basic inventory data from a list of machines. The attached vbscript takes an input file called workstations.txt and produces an comma separated output file called workstationinventory.txt. You can modify the two constants at the top of the file as noted below if you want to change this:

The script currently only outputs a limited set of information but the framework is there to extend it to collect really anything available via WMI. The fields currently exported are:

  • Make

  • Model

  • BIOS Version

  • Operation System

  • Serial Number

To configure the input and output file modify lines 12 and 13:

Const PATH_TO_INPUT = “workstations.txt”
Const PATH_TO_OUTPUT = “workstationinventory.txt”

If you’re looking for some guidance on other WMI data, check out the Scriptomatic tool from Microsoft.

The script is attached below in a zip. If you have any comments, bugs, etc feel free to leave them in the comments field and I’ll take a look.

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