Script to Reset Local Administrator Passwords

I realized I hadn’t posted this one answering a newsgroup post this morning. The attached script will iterate through a list of workstation names in a text file, ping them, and if the ping returns then reset the local administrator account password to whatever is defined at the top of the script. This is pretty basic and would potentially need some customization. You might want to adapt it to iterate through an OU or set of OUs instead and get the computer names from there, or perhaps set different administrator passwords on the machines. Feel free to leave any questions/comments/etc … Continue reading Script to Reset Local Administrator Passwords

WSUS 3.0

Microsoft recently released WSUS 3.0. WSUS is their free product for managing Windows Update content on Wintel machines in an organization. You can grab a copy of it here. Searching the Microsoft download site for “WSUS 3” or something similar yields a bunch of whitepapers which might be interesting as well. I upgraded a simple WSUS 2.0 deployment to 3.0 and the installer seems to have taken care of everything nice and tidy. It did require that I install .Net 2.0 but that was inevitable and not a big deal. I was annoyed to learn at the end that a … Continue reading WSUS 3.0