Windows 2003 Forest Functional Level

Thought I’d post an informational post for folks who are moving an AD forest to Windows 2003 forest functional level (aka FFL2) as I realized today this piece of information might not be quite as well known as I might have thought. As an FYI, this change adds a number of attributes to the partial attribute set (aka the PAS or global catalog): Ms-DS-Trust-Forest-Trust-Info Trust-Direction Trust-Attributes Trust-Type Trust-Partner Security Identifier Ms-DS-Entry-Time-To-Die MSMQ-Secured-Source MSMQ-Multicast-Address Print-Memory Print-Rate Print-Rate-Unit MS-DRM-Identity-Certificate This is done when you upgrade the forest functional level because at this point there are no Windows 2000 domain controllers in the … Continue reading Windows 2003 Forest Functional Level

Upgrading my MCSE

So I have an MCSE: Messaging 2003. Took something like 7 or 8 tests to get that way back when and it’s still good. Being the good consultant that I am I decided I’d figure out what I need to do to get whatever the new equivelants are on Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007: The new Windows 2008 exam seems to be an “MCITP: Enterprise Administrator”: Windows 2003 MCSE upgrade Test Windows Vista Test Windows 2008 Enterprise Administrator Test OK so, three tests total for an upgrade. That’s a lot of test questions, but, seeing as my transcript says I took … Continue reading Upgrading my MCSE