Upgrading my MCSE

So I have an MCSE: Messaging 2003. Took something like 7 or 8 tests to get that way back when and it’s still good. Being the good consultant that I am I decided I’d figure out what I need to do to get whatever the new equivelants are on Windows 2008 and Exchange 2007:

The new Windows 2008 exam seems to be an “MCITP: Enterprise Administrator”:

  • Windows 2003 MCSE upgrade Test

  • Windows Vista Test

  • Windows 2008 Enterprise Administrator Test

OK so, three tests total for an upgrade. That’s a lot of test questions, but, seeing as my transcript says I took the Windows 2000 client test – they have a point. Unfortunately this means I’m going to have to make peace with Vista on some piece of hardware and actually use it. Not looking forward to that – 2003 runs so well on my machines.

The new Exchagne 2007 tests I can run as a seperate thread – seems that’s now called an “MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator”:

  • Configuring Exchange 2007 Test

  • Designing Exchange 2007 Test

  • Deploying Exchange 2007 Test

Well, three more tests to upgrade. 3 + 3 = 6 tests total to upgrade. I only took 7 or 8 originally so might as well not even call this an upgrade – perhaps renumbering would be a better term.

So, I need to take six tests to change the alphabet soup in my signature line at work. Speaking of alphabet soup – what is up with these new certification names? I can fit “MCSE: Messaging” in my signature without any sort of space constraint. If I plug in there that I’m an “MCITP: Enterprise Administrator and MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator” I’m going to practically have a buffer overrun at only 80 characters across the screen, not to mention I’d look like one of those folks that spells out their 12 useless certifications in their signature line and pastes the jpegs in that they send you when you pass.

Time to start the test taking and theorizing on how to summarize that whole jumble.

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