Update on the MCSE Upgrade

I was complaining (more or less) several weeks ago about the amount of work it was going to take to upgrade my MCSE to the latest version. The good news is I went and did the Windows end of things and now I’m apparently an “MCITP: Enterprise Administrator”. Now compared to MCSE, no HR person is going to know what that means. Most folks are trained to look for MCSE and it’s going to be a long time before that mentality is changed I suspect. Personally if someone asks me if I have an MCSE or if I’m certified on Windows 2008, I may drop the MCITP acronym in, but “MCSE” and “2008” are definitely going in the response as that’s what people look for.

I had to take three tests to convert my MCSE: Messaging 2003 to this MCITP: Enterprise Administrator:

  • 70-647 – “Pro: Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator”
  • 70-649 – “TS: Upgrading Your MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, Technology Specialist”
  • 70-620 – “TS: Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista Client”

I took 70-647 in beta in January, so I have no recollection of what it was like nor would it be a good representation of what it probably is now. 70-649 is really easy if you know what you’re doing on 2003. 70-620 was easy enough, although it had simulation questions which I have never seen on a Microsoft exam before. I’m used to them from taking Cisco exams but never Microsoft. I struggled with these a bit simply because I have zero Vista experience and they were to do oddball things that you’d be stupid to ask me to do because I would just look at you funny. I own one Vista machine, a laptop, and I turn it on about four times a year, so that roughly translates to I own no Vista machines. I passed the exam with a pretty good score, so, I guess interpret that however you want.

Thanks to Russ who was standing in line when I was to take these things and unlike me he knew what tests I needed to take. Also thanks to the Prometric guy whose computer was particularly broken when I was trying to register for the wrong test and thus was able to rethink my plan with Russ’ help.

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