Forcing a Blue Screen via iLO – iLO2 Version

Sometimes one of the most useful resources at your disposal when troubleshooting a hang or other issues is the memory dump file Windows will write out during a blue screen. If a system is hung and you are not able to get to it locally, pressing Ctrl+ScrollLock, ScrollLock isn’t going to be a feasible solution. If the server is an HP server with an iLO card (Integrated Lights Out), and you’ve set a registry key in Windows ahead of time, you can force the system to blue screen, write the memory dump, and restart. The key to doing this is … Continue reading Forcing a Blue Screen via iLO – iLO2 Version

NMI Blue Screen

Ever had a blue screen pop up with a message like this? *** Hardware Malfunction Call your hardware vendor for support *** The system has halted *** Windows makes this screen look something like this: There are a couple of other specific errors that can sometimes pop up in these messages: NMI: Parity Check / Memory Parity Error NMI: Channel Check / IOCHK Note: There are some other assorted specific errors you can get on this screen outside of the two above, however they’re only possible if you’re on a machine with an EISA bus. As the message indicates, you’ve … Continue reading NMI Blue Screen

Script to Inventory Print Servers

Chatting with a friend this afternoon, I was reminded of a script I have that will collect a bunch of inventory data from print servers and dump it out to a text file you can import into Excel and do whatever you want with. The script goes out to AD and collects all of the printQueue objects in the domain (these represent published printers). From this list the script compiles a list of print servers and dumps all the printer info off each server. The downside to this is that if you have printer servers with no published printers, they’ll … Continue reading Script to Inventory Print Servers

More on Enlisting in DNS Application Partitions

Here’s another error you might run into if you’re setting up a DNS server to use some existing application partitions. I got it because I was being impatient and restarting the service constantly after enlisting in a couple of app partitions. By default DNS will only check AD once every five minutes for new data (though ACLs are special, those are checked every thirty seconds). Event Type: Warning Event Source: DNS Event Category: None Event ID: 4521 Date: 12/8/2008 Time: 1:23:48 AM User: N/A Computer: MyDnsServer Description: The DNS server encountered error 9605 attempting to load zone from Active … Continue reading More on Enlisting in DNS Application Partitions

Enlisting in DNS Application Partitions

I for the first time this evening had to enroll a DNS server in some custom app partitions at a customer site. I’ve never actually done this before, though I knew it was a simple dnscmd command. I ran what I felt was the obviously correct command a couple times and got this error, DNS_ERROR_DP_DOES_NOT_EXIST. The name of the switch is "EnlistDirectoryPartition" which I mentally translated to mean I needed to supply the DN of the direction partition I wanted to enlist. This is in fact wrong if you take the time to read the help. You need to supply … Continue reading Enlisting in DNS Application Partitions

WINS Error – Replication with a Nonconfigured Partner

I was trying to setup a WINS replication partnership (one-way) yesterday which was completely not working. When I tried to initiate pull replication from the server on the edge, it would give me no error and clearly not replicate. A network trace showed it having an error 4006, ERROR_RPL_NOT_ALLOWED – whatever that meant. When I tried on the hub server to start a push replication, I got this error: Replication with a nonconfigured partner is not allowed. The partnership was clearly configured, and I ended up having to go digging into WINS code to sort this out since I couldn’t … Continue reading WINS Error – Replication with a Nonconfigured Partner

NEW BOOK – Active Directory, 4th Edition

If you’re serious about Active Directory, you should pick up a copy of my new book, Active Directory, 4th Edition. Even if Active Directory is just something you run into from time to time as part of your job, you should still pick up a copy. I spent about eight months total from start to finish working on this project, and personally, I think it turned out pretty good. If you’re wondering what’s new and improved in this edition, here’s a quick list: Windows Server 2008 coverage: Read Only Domain Controllers (RODCs) – Chapter 7 Fine Grained Password Policies (FGPPs) … Continue reading NEW BOOK – Active Directory, 4th Edition