TEC/DEC in Vegas Next Week

I’ll be in sunny Las Vegas Henderson, NV next week for TEC. I’ve got sessions I’m doing this year and hope to see some of you there: Networking for AD Pros [Tuesday, 2:45PM – 4:00PM] – We’re going to do a few things in this hour. I’ve got some useful but sometimes obscure replication topology constructs I’m going to talk about and then we’re going to take those plus the basics and apply them to some complex network topologies. One of the challenges I often see working with large customers is the communication disconnect between the networks team and the … Continue reading TEC/DEC in Vegas Next Week

HP TouchSmart Tx2z Disabled Keyboard

I got a HP TouchSmart TX2Z tablet a few weeks ago. So far I love it. I’ve got Win7 on it and it’s been great. The past week or so the keyboard has simply been useless – doesn’t even work at startup to get into the BIOS. I took the thing apart thinking perhaps it was unseated – was seated fine. I discovered some obscure comment on a blog saying that someone else had the same problem and they had remove the battery (and AC power) and then put it back in and things were fine again. I did this … Continue reading HP TouchSmart Tx2z Disabled Keyboard

Designing AD for a 3-Tier Application

I was chatting with a friend the other day about a design scenario for a typical 3-Tier application that needed Active Directory. Funny this came up because I was just having a similar discussion with another friend last week. Joe covered last week’s discussion here. The discussion centered on an application that looks like this: A few data points about the implementation plan for this system: Servers in each tier cannot talk to servers in the same tier in the opposite datacenter; Domain controllers will live in the Application Tier and Backend Tier at each datacenter; Clients in the Backend … Continue reading Designing AD for a 3-Tier Application