Determining which VMWare Workstation VM is Using CPU Resources

I have a dedicated machine which I use for running virtual machines on top of VMWare Workstation. I have about thirteen VMs going right now which is typically no problem. I have been having sluggish performance all week and finally decided to look in the host’s task manager and discovered the host was running at 100% CPU.

VMWare Workstation runs each VM inside a separate process so it’s easy to see which process was consuming all of the CPU. What’s not easy to do with Workstation (at least as far as I know) is figure out what VM a specific process maps to. Fortunately, Process Explorer makes this quite easy.

Open Process Explorer and sort on the CPU column. Double click the vmware-vmx.exe instance that is hogging the CPU and look at the Current Directory textbox. The textbox has the path to the VM running inside the process.

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