VMWare Workstation – Guest Window Sizing

I recently discovered that VMWare Workstation has a couple of options on the View menu which will dynamically adjust the screen resolution of a guest to match the window on the host. If you’ve ever had a window looking like this and have tried to tweak the guest resolution for it to fit just perfectly, you know how much pain that is:

The trick is to go to View>Fit Guest Now. VMWare will adjust the resolution of the guest and make it fit perfectly. There is another option you can check/uncheck called Autofit Guest which will do this dynamically for you. I’ve noticed similar options in the VMWare Virtual Center (ESX) console although I haven’t had consistent luck with them.

Also note that if the option in Workstation isn’t working, make sure you have the latest VMWare Tools installed (check for a yellow exclamation overlay on the icon in the tray).

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