McAfee EPO Agent Deployment Logs

When McAfee EPO fails to push an agent out, the only information you get is that the task "Failed". This isn’t really useful at all of course. Thus the trick is to go on your EPO server in %ProgramFiles%\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\db\Logs and open server.log. Scroll to the bottom (or monitor the file with something like tail) and find your server name and you’ll likely find something a lot more useful. The general premise of how it seems to deploy agents is that it attempts to connect to \\TargetServer\Admin$ and drop the FramePkg file there. If this connection isn’t working for whatever … Continue reading McAfee EPO Agent Deployment Logs

DPM June Rollup

FYI if you use Data Protection Manager (DPM), the predictably regular rollup for June is up, This gets you to 2.0.8844. The bits are available without a call to PSS if you haven’t got Premier portal access as well. Conveniently this one doesn’t seem to require a restart of every protected host following the agent update. The console and the KB concur on this fact too. One quirk I did observe is that it would appear that DPM doesn’t attempt to suspend backups while rolling out agent updates because 2 of my 27 storage groups failed with some random … Continue reading DPM June Rollup

McAfee Troubleshooting Tip – CmdAgent

If you’re trying to troubleshoot McAfee EPO agents, there’s a handy tool I recently discovered with the help of a friend. If you go in %ProgramFiles%\McAfee\Common Framework, launch cmdagent /s. You’ll get the handy UI pictured below. With this tool you get a nice little streaming log as well as the ability to force the agent to communicate with its EPO server in real time. You can do most (all?) of this from the EPO web interface or by going to http://AgentServer:8081 on the server, but, this is far easier if you’ve got access to the box.