BlackBerry Administration Service Error

If you get a "The request could not be completed" each time you access the BlackBerry Administration Service component in the BES5 administration website, make sure your service account password is not greater than 32 characters in length. Mine was. Once I reduced it to an acceptable length by BES’ standards, things worked: If you go in your BES Logs folder and look at the <servername>_BBA-AS_01_<date>_####.txt log, you might see something like this if you have this problem: Error details: message=null, type=VALUE_ABOVE_MAXIMUM_LENGTH, fieldConstraint=32, fieldName=password, fieldValue=<service account password>, errorStringPlugInId=-1, errorStringId=null

SimplePatch – My Patching Tool

I’ve been working on this VBScript on and off for a few years now. The purpose of the script is very simple. It installs security patches and other hotfixes on a server. Over the years the tool has been updated and improved primarily by me as well as some friends. I’ve always given it to anyone that wants it, but never got around to making a website page for the tool. I started developing this because I couldn’t find a free or commercial patching tool that was easy to use and simple. I didn’t (and still don’t) need bells and … Continue reading SimplePatch – My Patching Tool