Some may have noticed I posted one of my tools, SimplePatch a couple weeks ago. The idea wasn’t initially to leak that URL to the RSS feed or homepage, but thanks to an undocumented feature of the system my site runs on, I did. I’m thus adding a second post just to get this in to the main feed where it belongs now. Here’s a quick summary of SimplePatch, my patching tool:

I’ve been working on this VBScript on and off for a few years now. The purpose of the script is very simple. It installs security patches and other hotfixes on a server. Over the years the tool has been updated and improved primarily by me as well as some friends. I’ve always given it to anyone that wants it, but never got around to making a website page for the tool. I started developing this because I couldn’t find a free or commercial patching tool that was easy to use and simple. I didn’t (and still don’t) need bells and whistles or anything pretty. I’ve tried a whole bunch of patching tools (Shavlik, WSUS, SUS, SMS, SCCM, etc.) and never really have been particularly happy with any of them. As a result I started putting this together. It’s worked well for me and others for a while. Perhaps it will work well for you too. Read on…

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