McAfee EPO and NLB Clusters

I rolled out McAfee agents to about ten servers yesterday and four of them wouldn’t show up properly in the console. I did the usual troubleshooting with this, played with cmdagent, and didn’t really get far. What I did eventually notice is that while two of my machines would show up as Managed in the console, the other two simply refused. The wierd behavior here is that if I went in cmdagent and resent all the properties of the missing servers, suddenly the other two would disappear from the console. I did a bit of research and it appears that McAfee generates the client identifier based on the machine’s MAC Address.

This piece of information was the ticket here. The machines in question are in two Windows Network Load Balancing (NLB) clusters. The high level summary of how NLB works is that it shares a MAC address amongst all the machines in the cluster. McAfee was using this MAC to generate agent identifiers and was coming up with duplicates in both clusters. I did a bit of research and McAfee has an article in their knowledge base as to how to deal with this with a workaround.

When you go to create the registry value described in the article, McAfee prevents it because they’re hooking things and making sure you don’t touch their part of the registry. This is implemented in the Access Protection Policy for VirusScan. If you look at the VirusScan log, you’ll see a line like this and the corresponding regedit error:

1/17/2010    12:26:02 PM    Blocked by Access Protection rule     DOMAIN\bdesmond    C:\Windows\regedit.exe    \REGISTRY\MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Network Associates\ePolicy Orchestrator\New Value #1    Common Standard Protection:Prevent modification of McAfee Common Management Agent files and settings    Action blocked : Create


To work around this, I edited my Access Protection policy and disabled blocking for the three “Prevent modification of McAfee files and settings” rules highlighted below:


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