Speaking at TEC 2010 Los Angeles

I’ve got three sessions this year at TEC. TEC is by far the best IT conference I’ve attended (and I’ve been to many). You’ve even still got five days to convince your boss and get a discount on the registration fee! My sessions this year are:

  • Inside Kerberos – I’ve got plans to talk about the mechanics of the key Kerberos message sequences that you’ll run in to with Active Directory. Kerberos is one of those things you rarely have to configure in AD as it “just works”, but, when it doesn’t it really helps to understand what’s going on. We’ll also look at some odds and ends specific to Active Directory. You might even run it a couple guest appearances. Monday, Apr 26 – 4.00 – 5.15 PM.
  • Designing and Planning Active Directory Schema and Data – I’ve got this deck just about baked. We’ll talk about some of the choices you’ll make when designing your own schema extensions as well as tips and tricks for storing, securing, and protecting custom data in Active Directory. I’ve also got time blocked to talk about the soft side of things – planning, testing, change management, etc. Wednesday, Apr 28 – 8.00 – 9.15 AM.
  • Hardcore Windows Troubleshooting – This was my last minute session at TEC last year and it generally got really good feedback. One of the things I’ve found working with Active Directory teams is that they’re often the last line of support for Windows problems regardless of whether or not they involve AD. Thus, I’ve refreshed the deck with new tips, tricks, tools, and scenarios to help you jump in and solve complicated Windows problems. Wednesday, Apr 28 – 11.00 – 12.15 PM.

I hope to see you there. I’ll be in LA Sunday morning until Thursday night. Come find me and say hello! I’m also in the process of setting up pages for each talk on www.theexpertscommunity.com. Gil tells me that anyone will be able to post questions and discussion items on the site and eventually audio recordings of some talks will make it up there too. 

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