Speaking at TEC EMEA this Fall

I’ll be delivering a couple of sessions in Dusseldorf in a couple weeks for TEC 2010 EMEA. There’s even still time to register if you’re not coming yet. I’ve been to a number of TEC’s now and without a doubt I think TEC is the most technically valuable conference I’ve attended. It’s definitely worth the cost. The two sessions I’m doing are:

  • Designing and Planning AD Schema Extensions – This session examines what makes sense in AD and what doesn’t, shows how to evaluate a proposed schema change and even helps you deal with a fear of schema changes. You’ll learn how to look for attributes that need indexing, how to secure data (such as a confidential flag), and finally, carrying out a schema change (such as LDIF files vs. something else).
  • Inside Kerberos – Joe Kaplan and I will be talking about how Kerberos and Active Directory work together. We’ll take a look at the various tickets and messages involved as well as dive in to delegation and protocol transition. We’ll wrap up with some notes on troubleshooting common problems.

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