Running with a Third Screen on my Desk

Scott’s post prompted this post as I’ve found that unlike Scott, my recent upgrade to a third screen is really helpful. I run with two PCs under my desk. One PC is a simple Dell tower with 4GB of RAM, a dual core chip in it and a couple of SATA spindles – it’s a few years old at this point I think [1]. This is what I call my personal machine – I do email, IM, and pretty much everything else on it – all my files are stored here. My second machine is a fairly high end Dell … Continue reading Running with a Third Screen on my Desk

At TechEd Next Week

I’ll be down in Orlando at TechEd IT Pro next week. I’m working a booth of some fashion in the Technical Learning Center most of the week I’m told, so feel free to drop in and say hello if you’re in town as well. Share this post: email it! | digg it! | bookmark it! | live it!

Impromptu Hard Drive Refresh – Thanks Acronis

I fix other people’s computers and IT problems all day, so the last thing I really feel like doing is fixing my own computer problems at home. My personal workstation decided to blue screen earlier in the evening which was nice. It was one of those blue screens you can’t really do anything about without having driver verifier enabled and since I didn’t there was nothing I could really do. I did take a SWAG based on the contents of the dump and decide to update my nVidia drivers for my apparently now practically ice age video card. When I … Continue reading Impromptu Hard Drive Refresh – Thanks Acronis

New Look for the Site

After a couple hours of customization, I activated a new theme for the site. The old look was the same theme I had when I started a blog on in 2003. I felt like it was kind of depressing to look at the old colors – there was a lot of gray in there. With that in mind I settled on a new theme which is far brighter and certainly less visually depressing. I also recently added a little "Share this post" bar at the bottom of each post – it has links for emailing the post, as well … Continue reading New Look for the Site

Broken Links

If you find any broken links here, send me an email or leave a comment. I think I caught them all, but the manner in which the software this site runs on makes URLs is rather complex and I don’t really understand the config files, so it’s pretty entirely possible I botched something setting all this up. Share this post: email it! | digg it! | bookmark it! | live it!

Site Fixed

I had some issues with the server this site is hosted on the last week of May/first week of June. Six weeks later I've finally gotten everything all fixed. I took the downtime as an oppurtunity to upgrade the software that runs this site and think about some new idas for blog posts. I've got some other ideas for this site and there will be some changes that I'm going to try. I also turned comments back on, so I'm going to see how that goes. If it doesn't go well they'll get turned off. This new software seems to … Continue reading Site Fixed

Site Move/Upgrade

I decided to get a box, actually a virtual server over at I’m in the process of getting that all squared away and working, and then I’m going to swing this site over, and hopefully in the process upgrade the blog software and get rid of all the spam on here. My method of getting rid of spam includes all the comments, unfortunately. I can’t efficiently or reliably pick 100 good rows out of 20000 table rows. I think the new version of this blog software actually includes a comment spam reduction widget, and if not, I’m going to home … Continue reading Site Move/Upgrade

Weekend Fun

I had some fun out in Denver this past weekend. Usually I don’t do much in the way of “network” stuff. I generally ride on the network – AD and Exchange being what I do for the most part, I don’t have to worry about the routers and switches too much. I helped a friend and the startup he works for rack, stack, and configure two cabinets worth of Cisco and Dell equipment out in Denver. I actually designed their whole system, so it was nice to see it become a reality when they finally got all the hardware in. … Continue reading Weekend Fun