Word Tip – The Draft View Gutter

Since I’ve been living in Microsoft Word lately, I figured why not take some time for a couple more handy Word tricks. This one is about getting a gutter to show up in Draft view so you can see what styles have been applied to text. If you’ve ever worked with a complex stylesheet before, especially one which is post-processed by some other tool, getting the styles properly applied to your content, and also debugging messed up styles is important. The display I’m talking about looks something like this in my sample document: You’ll notice the various style names which … Continue reading Word Tip – The Draft View Gutter

Word Tip – Outline View and Document Map

Another handy Word tip today is using Outline view to work with big documents. If you’ve got a sizeable document, chances are your document is also structured hierarchically. By this I mean that you are probably using multiple levels of Heading styles to organize your content. If you flip to Outline view (on the View tab of the ribbon), Word will give you a collapsed view of your document based on these heading style elements. You can use the Show Level option on the Outlining ribbon to manage how deep the outline is, and you can also expand and collapse … Continue reading Word Tip – Outline View and Document Map