4th of April 2006 – MVP Announced

The 4th of April 2006 was a good day..better than most days actually..my MVP was confirmed – letting me know, that the work i”ve done for the development community in Perth already, had not gone unnoticed.

First thing i noticed was the massive amount of emails i was receiving…could not believe the immense stack of data was being sent to me (oh, and it wasn”t even spam????) – mostly it was information about the award – what i had to do – what i had done – where i had to go do it..etc..also a lot of very helpful information from my MVP lead, Roseanne..so armed with information overload (thankful here that gmail holds 2.5GB of data) i set out to explore this community i”d just been accepted into.

First glance told me that the other MVPs from around Aussie where a tough bunch..extremely knowledgable and helpful with their own part of the interweb..

second glance told me..damn..these guys are good..i mean REAL good..quick glances at MVPs like Nick Randolph, Greg Linwood etc let me know i needed to pick up some speed here if i wanted to keep up with their technical levels.

Anyways – the blog is rolling..the ball is in my court..I”ll continue to run the MS SQL Server user group for the state and enjoy it..will also offer to present at the Perth .Net COP (http://www.perthdotnet.org) – run by Nick Randolph – and kick up my favorite pasttime – convert PHP scripters to the .Net framework at Port80 (www.port80.asn.au).

So, lastly (or almost), thanks for all the support from MS to get my user group going..thanks to Greg Linwood for the fantastic work he”s done for the SQL Server community in Australia…and all respect to the rest of the guys at www.sqlserver.org.au

without sounding like a geek – ok, i am a geek but it”s always safer not to sound like one – the 4th of April was definitely a good day for me.

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