T-SGL Discussion Group

2011-01-29 03:15:09

Not many professions can mangle up a supporting technology worse than developers. A very common comment from a developer, when confronted with sadly logic-lacking SQL queries is to repeat it and it constantly amases me how often that happens.

Some of the most hard-core DBAs out there, carry knuckle-busters and baseball bats around, for just such an occasion. Needless to say, they mostly want to beat the hell out of us code-monkeys.

Well, i decided to get a SQL Interest Group up and running. The main objective is to further the use of T-SQL (either via command objects, adapters, stored procedures, clr integration etc) on SQL Server in a more “correct” manner. I say “correct” because there”s ways to do things and then there are ways to do things.

“how to write correct queries to a database” – in terms of structuring and choosing your flavour in regards to T-SQL, Stored Procedures and/or CLR integration etc there is only really a trial n” error process involved when writing your queries – most developers go for the “but it returns the data i want!!!??? what”s wrong with that?” approach

So the suggestion is to get a discussion group going on how to do this properly. How do you correctly relate data? is it better to use a stored procedure than a t-sql command through and object? where does santa really live? how should you structure a stored procedure? We could also summarise some advanced topics like transactions and working with system objects and/or some of the houndreds of undocumented stored procedures and functions SQL Server has.

If anybody”s interested just send me an email to brian.madsen@gmail.com with the subject “SQLIG”, your email address and name and i”ll send out an invite. I”m using yahoo groups for the time being.