www.fasthit.net – best damn host i''ve ever used

well, after my rather rediculous issues with my latest web host (US based, basement camping, flexi-renting service provider) i decided to shop around for a Perth based (or at least Australian based) web host.

well, lo and behold, i had a fantastic web host just around the corner – ok, technically not around the corner, but in Perth anyways.

www.fasthit.net <- best webhost i”ve ever used.

These guys are soooo fast with their support (not to mention incredible flexible) that they had my account up and running in absolutely no time at all.

first off, here”s what i get (if you”re a true geek this will impress)..

1,,) Service running completely in a VPS
2) SQL Server 2005 (my god, i love them already)
3) 1.5GB space
4) Remote Desktop Access
5) H-Sphere Control Panel
6) 15GB bandwidth
7) Dedicated IP

those toys are more than what i”d expect from a local shop (you got to have been browsing the Aussie hosting providers to see the value here). The biggest part of the toys i get is of course the VPS and the Remote Desktop Access – ah, shouldn”t forget SQL Server 2005..this alone is enough for me to drool. Being a developer, it”s nice to have control over my environment.

Should just mention that it”s just the icing on the cake..there”s heaps more but i haven”t played enough with my new toys to explore anything else.

so www.csharpzealot.com has found a home – Fasthit.net it is!

Btw, the site should be up and running as soon as my friend Andrew Erkins (extremely talented graphics artist/web designer) has finished the concepts enough for his liking…

2 thoughts on “www.fasthit.net – best damn host i''ve ever used”

  1. ahh great, just what i needed! Thanks for the recommendation been looking to get something closer to home, will give them a call!

  2. Hey Peter – i”m pretty certain that you wont be dissapointed with them.

    the service level i was receiving, before moving to Fasthit.net, was rediculous – i can easily say that “service” and Fasthit.net go hand in hand.

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